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Now that the form is completed

  • Ensure that the case status has been updated to “Suspect”, “Probable”, “Confirmed”, or “Not a case” based on Ministry of Health case definition.
  • If the case status is inconsistent with the information entered, get clarification from Medical Officer of Health (MOH), Health Protection Officer (HPO) or Communicable Disease (CD) nurse.

“Not a case” or delete the notification?

  • Cases that were notified on suspicion, investigated, then found to not have met notification criteria should have their case status set to “Not a case”. The details of the case will be available for users to see, but will not be included in majority of standard reporting.
  • Cases that should not have been entered in EpiSurv should be deleted. These duplicate notifications. Once deleted, the case is gone and users can’t retrieve the Case Report Form (CRF) anymore.