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Risk factors

  • Risk factors are often reported as percentages of those exposed out of those with information reported (e.g. 5% of cases had diabetes and 95% did not)  It is therefore just as important to record negative answers as it is to record positive answers.
  • Risk factor information is also often used for monitoring disease trends, source attribution studies or to determine potential sources of outbreaks.
  • It is important to record information for every risk factor field.
  • All questions about contacts/facilities in the risk factor field refer to the 14 days prior to onset or reporting.
  • This section uses option buttons, checkboxes and free text fields.


When completing the form:

  • To add a country begin by entering the country name, select from list, click ok.
  • This part of the questionnaire include core reporting requirements i.e. specific questions that either WHO or the Ministry asks for.
  • Provide information on source of infection and risk factors for developing severe disease:
    • Overseas travel
    • Healthcare worker
    • Contact with a case or someone with acute respiratory infection.
    • Underlying conditions which are or may be risk factors for severe disease in COVID-19 infection. These are based on World Health Organization (WHO) reporting requirements.