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The case investigation process for COVID-19

A case of COVID-19 has been notified to your public health unit (PHU). What next?

This process will differ between units.

Information about the case and their contacts will need to be gathered, and a key part of this is the case interview:

  • Your PHU may provide you with specific forms to complete during an interview or may ask you to follow the ESR case report form. The case report form may change, and the most up to date can be found here.
  • You may be entering data directly to EpiSurv, see the next module for details on this.
  • Some terms in the ESR case report form may be unfamiliar to your cases, download a glossary below with alternate plain English terms to assist.
  • Note that some fields in the case report form may already be filled out, and some information may need to be provided by the patient’s doctor or from the laboratory (clinical signs, lab results), as the patient themselves won’t know these details.