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Purpose of case investigation for COVID-19

The purpose of a case investigation for COVID-19 is to:

  • Confirm contact details for follow up.
  • Confirm case definition is met.
  • Identify risk factors for severe disease.
  • Provide information to cases on measures they should take to protect others (isolation).
  • Identify the source of infection and follow up.
  • Prevent further spread and impact by identifying contacts to follow them up.
  • Arrange follow up for case, advise when to seek help and where to get more information.
  • Identify clusters/outbreaks in community or institutions to target resources.
  • Demographic details for monitoring virus.
  • Collect data to describe course of illness for monitoring virus.
  • Information gathered in the national database is available to public health units (PHUs), the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR), Ministry, and is used by ESR to generate reports for Ministry, PHUs, the World Health Organization (WHO).