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Next steps

  • Discuss with your public health unit (PHU) how this information is processed. You may directly enter it to Episurv or another database during the interview. Or you may collect using a paper copy and enter after you have collected it or pass it on to someone else to do this.
  • Once in EpiSurv the information will be available to the PHU, ESR and the Ministry of Health. The data will be used to send reports to the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Cases will be followed up daily by phone, or via email using the REDCap service, until they are free of symptoms for 48 hours and at least 10 days from symptom onset.
  • Details of contacts may be sent to the National Close Contact Service at the Ministry of Health, who will collect detailed information from them and arrange follow up, or contacts may be followed up by our PHU.