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Key information to gather during the interview

Check demographic and contact details are correct

  • Note that place of work is very important for COVID-19 monitoring, particularly for health care, defence force and other key workers. Please ensure this information is complete.

Symptoms and treatment

  • Cough, difficulty breathing, fever etc.

Risk factors for severe disease

  • Cardiovascular, respiratory, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer and immunosuppression.
  • Note that it is not yet known whether pregnancy is a risk factor for severe disease. Evidence to date suggests it may not be for COVID-19, but because it is associated with severe disease in other respiratory infections such as influenza, we recommend asking about it.

Risk factors for exposure to infectious case/likely source of infection

  • Contact with confirmed, probable or suspected case
  • Healthcare worker
  • Overseas travel in 14 days before became unwell

Details of contacts

  • People they have been in contact with during the infectious period (2 days before symptoms began to 2 days after symptoms ended).
  • Names, contact details, how they were in contact (house, school, office, etc).
  • If the case has been to public places, the names of these places and times visited also need to be recorded.

Image credit: CDC Photo taken by James Gathany