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Contacts of COVID-19

Close contact

  • Any person with the following exposure to a suspect, confirmed or probable case during the case’s infectious period, without appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE):
    • direct contact with the body fluids or the laboratory specimens of a case.
    • presence in the same room in a health care setting when an aerosol-generating procedure is undertaken on a case.
    • living in same household or household-like setting (eg shared section in a hostel) with a case.
    • face-to-face contact in any setting within two metres of a case for 15 minutes or more.
    • having been in a closed environment (e.g. a classroom, hospital waiting room, or conveyance other than aircraft) within 2 metres of a case for 15 minutes or more.
    • having been seated on an aircraft within 2 metres of a case (for economy class this would mean 2 seats in any direction including seats across the aisle).
    • aircraft crew exposed to a case Casual contact.
  • Any person with exposure to the case who does not meet the criteria for a close contact.